About Me

Hi, I’m Kennedy, and I guess you’re reading this because you’ve come across my blog. On this page you will find some information about me and things I like to do. So, first off I would like to start by sharing some of my interests with you. I have been a part of a Dance Association for about 12 years now. I’ve done all sorts of dance since I was a kid but the only one that I have really stuck to is Jazz and Musical Theatre.  Other interests I have is art, now, I can’t draw to save my life but when I see a piece of art I usually enjoy looking at it. I really enjoy painting and the odd time I will throw puns out! I am currently still in highschool and really patiently waiting to become a nurse and be able to help people that are ill. I am planning on attending University but I am still unsure of which one I would like to attend. I currently work in a store as a cashier and it’s really changed my life (haha-ha- yeah I’ll stop..).  Oh, also, I think the plans I have for the near future would be to take a year off and just travel the world and see different things. This blog will be full of puns and I promise I won’t try and make them too cheesy! I just hope to be able to make myself and others smile at my real dumb puns! 


-Always Kennedy