Media Log #4- The Little Mermaid, The Big Problems

Over the past few days in class we have been studying disney movies and examining the racial and stereotypical things within a disney movie and I watched The Little Mermaid, and I know you all probably got to the point of the stereotypical and racist things before I did, but I never knew how bad that movie actually is. I only remembered the main fact that bothered me was that she left her family and traded her mermaid life to become a human and never see her family again.


The first problem I would like to address is the fact that Ariel changed who she was completely for a man that she didn’t even know. She traded her voice for legs and then tried to seduce Prince Eric with her body to try and get him to kiss her in order to get her voice back and let’s also bring up the fact that within .5 of a millisecond Ariel fell in love with Eric solely based on his looks and nothing else. Eric also finds Ariel NAKED on a beach and instantly falls in love with her in literally no time. I don’t know if that sounds weird to you but to me that is no love at first sight.


The second issue that I want to dive into (did you really think I was going to not pun?)  is the fact that King Triton is that he is scary and mean. I understand that his character is supposed to portray a caring father that only wants the best for his daughters but you only ever see him yelling and mistreating Ariel for little things. He seems to be almost crossing the line of an abusive parent. He has too much power and doesn’t use it for good, like when he destroyed Ariel’s room of things, he used his power to do whatever he could to make her unhappy causing her to go see the Sea Witch and get legs herself. Ariel’s sisters are also not very lady like in this movie I find, it seems when they are doing their introduction to Ariel in the song “Daughters of Triton” they seem to be exposing their bodies in every way possible when they start out they have things covering their bodies and then they are gone and the bodies are just shown.

Like have you seen how this movie portrayed the villain? Why is she purple?


The Little Mermaid causes a lot of problems and is a terrible movie for kids to watch, and as I remember in the 3rd movie or so, it actually shows how Ariel’s mom dies, and it shows her being squished between a boulder and a ship. This movie as I said earlier was not one that was easy for me to pick up all these stereotypes on, it was one of my favourite movies and now that I know what I know, I can’t say that I would ever watch it again.
~Always Kennedy


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