Media Log 2

Magazines, What are They?

Growing up I never understood a magazine, I never understood what it contained. I only bought it for the Zac Efron posters that were inside! But after spending a little time analyzing it I found out a few things that really made me regret ever buying them. They are killing society. They are changing how young teenaged girls view themselves. They are basically saying that if you don’t wear this, if you don’t look like that you will never fit in and you will never be who society wants you to be. You won’t have reach the ultimate beauty goal. So honestly, I could say that this does in a way have a negative perspective.

Body Image

These advertisements for fashion and cosmetics basically change how we see ourselves and change the way young teens think they should look. It affects them by telling them that they need to be thinner, but why? If photoshop didn’t exist, would any of this even affect us? Would young teenaged girls feel the need to change? All of the magazines that I analyzed I saw one thing: the model’s shape and sizes were all the exact same. I think this shows a major reflection on how teens dress and how they act because they want to fit in.

Is There Any Positive Influences?

The really only positive influence in teen magazines is that it gives you tips on relationships, healthy eating and tips on how to deal with struggles you are facing. Going through the J-14 magazine I came across a Cyberbullying article that I was really shocked that was in there. I was so surprised to see it there and I think that was possibly the only thing I liked about any of the magazines, because instead of tearing down teenagers for what they look like, they are lifting them up and giving them hope that things can get better with that one article.

So, I seriously ranted a lot about this and I need to stop

But now I 100% understand why some people hate magazines.

Always, Kennedy.



2 thoughts on “Media Log 2

  1. Within this post, you leave many questions for the viewer to answer. When reading, I am forced to answer some difficult questions that I have never considered. You entertained the idea of both good and bad things are within magazines which not many people have discussed. The honesty within the post makes the blog enjoyable to read and make connections too.

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  2. You make some really good points! I love that you said that these things might not even exist if we didn’t have photoshop to make celebs skinnier because you are so right. Body image is certainly influenced by magazines since so many celebrities have even stepped up and said that they have been photoshopped and that they don’t really look like that, however, they still allow it to be printed and put into the hands of young readers. It’s great that you talk about the positives of magazines too


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