Media Log #4- The Little Mermaid, The Big Problems

Over the past few days in class we have been studying disney movies and examining the racial and stereotypical things within a disney movie and I watched The Little Mermaid, and I know you all probably got to the point of the stereotypical and racist things before I did, but I never knew how bad that movie actually is. I only remembered the main fact that bothered me was that she left her family and traded her mermaid life to become a human and never see her family again.


The first problem I would like to address is the fact that Ariel changed who she was completely for a man that she didn’t even know. She traded her voice for legs and then tried to seduce Prince Eric with her body to try and get him to kiss her in order to get her voice back and let’s also bring up the fact that within .5 of a millisecond Ariel fell in love with Eric solely based on his looks and nothing else. Eric also finds Ariel NAKED on a beach and instantly falls in love with her in literally no time. I don’t know if that sounds weird to you but to me that is no love at first sight.


The second issue that I want to dive into (did you really think I was going to not pun?)  is the fact that King Triton is that he is scary and mean. I understand that his character is supposed to portray a caring father that only wants the best for his daughters but you only ever see him yelling and mistreating Ariel for little things. He seems to be almost crossing the line of an abusive parent. He has too much power and doesn’t use it for good, like when he destroyed Ariel’s room of things, he used his power to do whatever he could to make her unhappy causing her to go see the Sea Witch and get legs herself. Ariel’s sisters are also not very lady like in this movie I find, it seems when they are doing their introduction to Ariel in the song “Daughters of Triton” they seem to be exposing their bodies in every way possible when they start out they have things covering their bodies and then they are gone and the bodies are just shown.

Like have you seen how this movie portrayed the villain? Why is she purple?


The Little Mermaid causes a lot of problems and is a terrible movie for kids to watch, and as I remember in the 3rd movie or so, it actually shows how Ariel’s mom dies, and it shows her being squished between a boulder and a ship. This movie as I said earlier was not one that was easy for me to pick up all these stereotypes on, it was one of my favourite movies and now that I know what I know, I can’t say that I would ever watch it again.
~Always Kennedy


Media Log 3- Racism

To be a racist means what exactly? Are people racist because they are raised like that? Or are they racist because they feel like the other races get more privileges than the other races? These are all burning questions that I have in my mind. Everyday there is some new racial joke that I hear walking in the halls of my own high school, and to me that is a very cruel thing to do because of the fact that we do have different races within our school and community. So, I am currently taking a high school Psychology class, and all I want to know is, is racism nature or nurture?



In 2011 Nivea tried telling black people to re-civilize themselves. The ad was basically a man that was clearly well dressed and had a clean face and nice hair and clothes, throwing what looks like a not-so-clean-shaven man with an afro and mustache, and that was really frowned upon to the people who viewed the ad. shortly after the ad was released, it was taken down and Nivea then apologized through their Facebook: (quoted) “Thank you for caring enough to give us your feedback about the recent “Re-civilized” NIVEA FOR MEN ad. This ad was inappropriate and offensive. It was never our intention to offend anyone, and for this we are deeply sorry. This ad will never be used again. Diversity and equal opportunity are crucial values of our company.”


Another racist ad was one that came from a Chinese company called Qiaobi, and basically this ad is about a Chinese girl who is washing laundry and then a black man with paint all over his shirt and face comes into the room that she is in and ‘cat calls’ her and she then signals him over and she gets close to him then shoves a laundry pod in his mouth and throws him in the washer and sits on top and when the ‘laundry is done’ a Chinese man pops out. This ad is extremely racist and the company’s slogan is “change begins with Qiaobi,” and the company launched this ad then apologized but then said that the international media was being “over sensitive.”


After analyzing these ads makes me feel really upset about how far companies would go just to grab peoples attention just for extra business, another thing is how the second ad that I talked about didn’t take down their ad like Nivea did, they apologized but an apology can go a long way, but in this case I don’t think it will. I never realized how many ads were extremely racist and looking into this further makes me sick almost because of how our generation and how society views certain people and certain things. Society needs a change.

That’s all for now

~Always Kennedy

Media Log 2

Magazines, What are They?

Growing up I never understood a magazine, I never understood what it contained. I only bought it for the Zac Efron posters that were inside! But after spending a little time analyzing it I found out a few things that really made me regret ever buying them. They are killing society. They are changing how young teenaged girls view themselves. They are basically saying that if you don’t wear this, if you don’t look like that you will never fit in and you will never be who society wants you to be. You won’t have reach the ultimate beauty goal. So honestly, I could say that this does in a way have a negative perspective.

Body Image

These advertisements for fashion and cosmetics basically change how we see ourselves and change the way young teens think they should look. It affects them by telling them that they need to be thinner, but why? If photoshop didn’t exist, would any of this even affect us? Would young teenaged girls feel the need to change? All of the magazines that I analyzed I saw one thing: the model’s shape and sizes were all the exact same. I think this shows a major reflection on how teens dress and how they act because they want to fit in.

Is There Any Positive Influences?

The really only positive influence in teen magazines is that it gives you tips on relationships, healthy eating and tips on how to deal with struggles you are facing. Going through the J-14 magazine I came across a Cyberbullying article that I was really shocked that was in there. I was so surprised to see it there and I think that was possibly the only thing I liked about any of the magazines, because instead of tearing down teenagers for what they look like, they are lifting them up and giving them hope that things can get better with that one article.

So, I seriously ranted a lot about this and I need to stop

But now I 100% understand why some people hate magazines.

Always, Kennedy.